Treasurer/Public Trustee

Michael Ray Vigil
County Treasurer

P.O. Box 348
San Luis, CO. 81152
Phone: (719) 937-7672
Fax: (719) 672-6024

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Hours of Operation:
7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Thursday
Occasional lunch closure


Frances Rodriguez - Deputy Treasurer
Annette Carino - Treas. Clerk/CTD Technician
Abe Valdez - County Treas. Deed Technician
April Vialpando - Treas. Clerk/CTD Technician
Mariah Medina - Treas. Clerk/Treas. Deed Technician

Effective immediately the Costilla County Treasurer’s Office is placing a pause on the entire treasurer’s deed process and will no longer be accepting applications for new treasurer’s deeds until state legislation is passed pertaining to the legality of acquiring properties for delinquent taxes. 

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Effective March 20, 2023 the Treasurer's Office will no longer accept credit card payments for tax redemptions.  Only certified funds or cash in-person will be accepted for all redemption payments.  Redeemers have until 12:00 PM (Noon) the day of deed issuance to pay all fees due.  Endorsements can only be paid by Check, Money Order, or Cash due to a change in credit card payment service providers.

Interested in property in Costilla County?

Contact Treasurer for information on tax lien sale list!

The 2023 Tax Lien Sale List is now posted below.


2023 Tax Lien Sale List

To participate in the annual tax lien sale, please create an account on zeusauction.com then register for the sale during the registration dates of 10/25/2023 to 11/03/2023.  If you already have an account on Zeus there will be no need to recreate another account, you will just need to register for the sale by 11/3. The tax lien sale is scheduled for 11/06/2023 to 11/08/2023.


THE COSTILLA COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  There is a drop box inside the building next to the Treasurer's Office if you do not wish to come in the office.  You can also pay online.

Costilla County Treasurer, PO Box 348, San Luis, CO 81152



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