Costilla County Economic Development Council, Inc.

The Costilla County Economic Development Council is a 501(c) (3) Non Profit Corporation.

The Costilla County Economic Development Council is committed to foster the revitalization of Costilla County\'s standard of living through asset-based economic development. By capitalizing on the county\'s extraordinary cultural, heritage, and agricultural resources, the Council will steadily build a business climate that supports small, clean industries while at the same time protecting the culture, that land, the water and the pristine environment of the area.

Address: P.O. Box 9
401 South Church Pl
San Luis, CO 81152
Phone: (719) 672-0999

Board Members

Robert A. Rael - Executive Director
Felix Romero - Chairman/ President
HubertoMaestas- Vice Chair/ Vice President
Tomas Maestas- Treasurer/Secretary
Bernadette Lucero -Member
Tom Vigil - Member
Dolores Burnes - Member
Anita McDaniel -Member
Tiffany Gallegos -Member
Fr. Patrick M Valdez - Member Emeritus


Robert Rael (Bob) -Executive Director
Rick Manzanares -Acting Museum Curator
Jeremy Elliott -EDC/Biodiesel Project Staff