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Costilla County Shops


District 1 - Fort Garland

Supervisor: David Perales

304 Carson Avenue

Fort Garland, CO 81133

Phone: (719) 379-3446

Cell: 719-298-8123

Fax: (719) 379-2849

Email: fortgarland.shop@costillacounty-co.gov

District 2 - San Luis

Supervisor: Alonzo Lobato

19881 County Road R

San Luis, CO 81152

Phone: (719) 672-3613

Cell: (719) 298-2376

Fax: (719) 672-3614

Email: sanluis.shop@costillacounty-co.gov

District 3 - Mesita

Supervisor: Clarence Vigil

9500 County Road H

Mesita, CO 81152

Phone: (719) 672-3886

Cell: (719) 580-8505

Fax: (719) 672-4476

Email: mesita.shop@costillacounty-co.gov

Costilla County Biodiesel Pilot Project


Ben Doon
Dan Quintana
Biodiesel Pilot Project
9511 County Road H
Mesita, CO 81152
Phone: (719) 672-0320
Fax: (719) 672-3962
Office Hours:
7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Monday - Thursday
No closure for lunch

Energy Visit image

State Representative Edward Vigil, Commissioner Burns,Governor's Energy Director Tonuj (TJ) Deora, Ben Doon and Commissioner Martinez


The Costilla County Commissioners’ Office in a private/public partnership with the Costilla County Economic Development Council (EDC), has built a small-scale, vertically integrated, biodiesel production facility in Mesita, Colorado. The project was first conceptualized in 2001 by Costilla County District #3 Commissioner Joseph Gallegos. Ground breaking and construction began in 2004.

The facility purchases locally grown oilseed crops (canola and sunflower) and processes the crops for clean burning, renewable biodiesel fuel. The by-product of oilseed crushing is a seed cake comprised of the remaining material once the oil has been extracted, which is used as a high protein livestock feed.

Feed Meal:

Premium high protein expeller pressed canola feed meal cake for livestock is available at the biodiesel facility in Mesita. Please call (719) 672-0320 for more information.


Biodiesel Articles

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Grant Projects


CR P.6 Curves Project

This project was awarded to Asphalt Constructors, Inc out of Alamosa, Colorado. Work began in May of 2007 and completed the same month.

  • The curves portion of CR P.6 were widened by 8 feet for 0.8 miles. Then a 1 ½” overlay of asphalt was placed over the widened portion of the road
  • Warning signs were installed including:
    • Speed Limit
    • Curve Signs
    • Delineators
    • Striping
    • Directional Arrows

San Luis Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Costilla County was awarded a $150,300 grant from the State Historical Fund for design and restoration of the San Luis Bridge located ½ mile SW of the Town of San Luis. The bridge was restored for pedestrian and bike use only.


Rattlesnake Trestle Grant Application

Costilla County was awarded a Design Grant for $33,000 with the County Matching Funds of $11,000. This provides the financing for the design and assessment for the restoration of the Rattlesnake Trestle Bridge located SW of Smith Reservoir near CR 12.

Image of Rattlesnake Trestle Bridge

Grant Projects


Lobato Bridge Rehabilitation Project

This historical bridge was partly funded by grant monies from the State Historical Fund. This project was a joint venture with Conejos County. Costilla County managed the entire project from start to finish. The bridge was officially reopened on May 26, 2006.