Emergency Management

Lucas Casias
Emergency Management Coordinator
(719) 298-8518
Chris Rodriguez
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
(719) 298-1797


2023 San Luis Valley Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

2023 San Luis Valley Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Annexes


Emergency Management Coordinator:
Managed and implemented the Emergency Management role of government at the local level in Costilla County.
  • Development the Costilla County Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Developed an integrated Emergency Management System.
  • Prepared plans in identifying local hazards, their characteristics, threat locations, probabilities of occurrence, and potential impact on people, property, and the environment.
  • Implemented contingency plans for the provision of essential public safety services during major disruption of public utilities.

In the event of an emergency, it is imperative for public safety official to be able to reach everyone—especially those most vulnerable to risk—within the affected community. If an emergency were to occur, emergency officials may activate the local Emergency Alert System to broadcast messages.

Dispatch has a new system that requires you to register again on their new system to receive local emergency alerts. If there was a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation or “shelter-in-place” instructions this is how you would receive information.

The E911 emergency board has changed vendors for our valley-wide emergency alert system.

You MUST sign up AGAIN with this new company to receive local emergency alerts.

It is very easy and quick. You will be asked to pick a user name (use your email address!) and a password.


In case of an emergency, the system will use its database of phone numbers and physical addresses to contact anyone within the affected area. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the system may attempt to leave a voicemail if the user is unable to answer.

Please note that users must enter both a phone number and valid physical address at the time of registration. Emergency messages may incur mobile phone usage charges. Phones will only be contacted in the event of an emergency.

The Costilla County Emergency Management is an organization utilized by the county and the incorporated areas therein to manage and coordinate the overall response and recovery activities during periods of emergency/disaster resulting from a natural or human-caused hazard.