Public Health Agency



Paul Wertz, R.N., M.S.N.

Director of Public Health

Phone: (719) 672-3332 ext. 3456

Fax: (719) 672-3856

Email: pwertz@costillacounty-co.gov

Public Health Agency

P.O. Box 99

233 Main Street Suite C

San Luis, CO 81152

Office Hours:

7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Monday - Thursday

Occasional Lunch Closure


Mission Statement:

The mission of Costilla County Public Health Agency is to enhance life through quality health services while preserving cultural values.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Interested in receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine?


The COVID-19 vaccine is available for the general public over the age of 12. Costilla County residents are able to call the Costilla County Public Health Agency at 719-672-3332 to schedule their vaccine appointment. Our agency currently carries Moderna and Pfizer. Right now, Pfizer is the only approved COVID-19 vaccine for 12 and up. 


Costilla County Public Health Agency is open Monday-Thursday, 7:00am-5:30pm. 


Here are some FAQ's on the vaccines. 


Click here to go to the Vaccine for Coloradans webpage.

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Message about Commodity Supplemental Food Program

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program will continue to be available for the Elderly (60 and over and those who meet the financial guidelines). This program will continue on the usual schedule at this time.  The doors will be locked. We ask you to call 719-672-3452. We will instruct you on the procedure to receive your food box. We must limit the number of people who come in the office at one time. We strongly recommend if you are over 60, or have underlying medical conditions that increase your risk of serious COVID-19 that you have someone pick up your food box for you.  Please call the office to let us know who is picking up your food box. Our goal is to continue to provide this much needed food package.  Situations are changing rapidly so please call before you come to the CSFP office to find out if we are currently distribution commodities.

Please call 719-672-3332 for more information.

Quick Links

A Beginner's Guide to Medicaid

San Luis Valley Prevention Coalition Network

Our health center offers free condoms, free Narcan and free Fentanyl test strips. Drop in any time during office hours, grab and go. No questions asked.

Drug Free Policy:

Costilla County, pursuant to 41 U.S.C.701, et seq, has established the county work place as a drug free workplace. It is affirmed that drug abuse constitutes a danger to individual and property in the work place. Costilla County Public Health will not hire any person with a positive drug screening.